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If you would like to set up the Supra service on your smartphone or are experiencing an issue with your Supra eKey app, please contact MLS Now at 216-485-4100.

If you are experiencing an issue with your Supra iBox, please contact the STAR office at 330-494-5630.  Use this form if you are transferring your iBox to another STAR member.  STAR Supra Lockbox Transfer Form


Supra website:


Supra System – New Member Orientation:


Ohio License law requires that anyone not holding a valid real estate license may not access a listed property unless accompanied by a real estate licensee, or unless the owner of the property has provided informed, written permission or consent for such person(s) to enter the property unaccompanied by a real estate licensee.


Those not holding a valid real estate license, such as home or pest inspectors etc., who may need access to listed properties, as always, need to make arrangements for such access through the listing agent and/or the buyer agent and be accompanied by one of them during the access.  However, if the listing agent has obtained the informed written consent of the owner of the property, for the unlicensed person(s) to enter the property unaccompanied by one of the licensees, the licensees may provide that unlicensed person a NMA (non-member access) one-time access code that will enable them to access the Supra lockbox and the property. Unlicensed assistants will be able to use the NMA one-time code feature.


SUPRA e-Key Showing Notifications Location Services: 

Need help activating your SUPRA e-Key Location Services? Follow this instructional video to get started:

SUPRA e-key Showing Notifications- Location Services Video


Non-Member Access (NMA)

Need help granting non-member access? Follow this presentation to get started:

Supra NMA Presentation 


One-Time Showing Code: 

Follow these instructions to set-up a one-time showing code for a Non-Member to access your Supra iBox.

Non-Member One Time Showing Instructions

Supra Member One Time Showing Instructions

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