By Rich Cosgrove, President Stark Trumbull Area REALTORS®

Remembering the progress of women’s suffrage in the United States is precisely what Women’s History Month is dedicated to. Although there has been much improvement in how women are treated in the real estate community, there was a time where women did not have the same fair and equal treatment as their male counterparts.

On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified after nearly a century of continuous protests from women in the United States. This Amendment gave women the right to vote, and later the right to own property and legal claim to their own money. According to, the Women’s Suffrage Movement began its’ roots in the abolition movement. A key figure you may know who played a vital role in the abolitionist and women’s rights movement is Sojourner Truth, a feminist and abolitionist during the 1800s. It is very fitting that Women’s History Month follows Black History month as both were intertwined during the same time period.

When American colonies separated from our mother countries of Britain, France, and Spain, many laws were carried over and indoctrinated in the settling states. Some of these dictated that husbands controlled the property of women. Although the women’s suffrage movement had many items on their agenda, a key one that resonated in our current time was the right to own property. One of the first states to grant women extensive property rights was New York. In 1848, the state passed the Married Women’s Property Act and the Act Concerning the Rights and Liabilities of Husband and Wife in 1860. According to, “Both of these laws expanded the property rights of married women and became a model for other states throughout the century. Under this set of laws, women could conduct business on their own, have sole ownership of gifts they received, and file lawsuits.”

There has been significant progress in the revolution of women’s rights in the United States History as we continue to establish equality in all communities. Thanks to the passage of the 19th Amendment, women were granted the same rights as their male counterparts as we continued to adjust and adapt to the laws of modern times. Without the 19th Amendment, women nationwide would not have access to property, financial, and legal rights – including the right to vote. While we continue celebrating Women’s History Month, we remember the progress women have made throughout our country’s historical record.

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